Our tech supports digital marketing strategies for wealth management

We’ve been serving the financial services industry for 13 years

And we saw a need that we couldn’t ignore

Traditional corporate marketing automation tools are built for corporate marketers. Small business marketing automation tools work for advisors (who are savvy). But when marketers and advisors use separate tools, the amount of communication sent to leads and customers drops drastically. Not only that, but manual tasks like personalization and content updates suck up more time than they should. Possibly worst of all, the organization is completely blind to what’s working across all advisors, what to replicate and what to improve upon.

Technology that supports collaboration

ReachStack flexibly allows individual wealth management organizations to create the one-of-a-kind portal that meets the needs of corporate marketers and financial advisors. These two groups don’t work in a vacuum. They work together. ReachStack supports streamlined editing, personalization, compliance workflows, approvals, sending and more.

We bring the right people together

As you may already know, there are an infinite number of things you can test with your emails to help you increase sales. From layout to copy to design, there are limitless combinations of changes that may improve your conversion rate.

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Behind the Story

By helping many businesses learn more about their customers, we like to think we know a thing or two about customer satisfaction.

Achieve up to 100% user adoption
Advisor User Adoption
Increase Admin support productivity by 50%
Team and Support Productivity
1000’s of satisfied Advisors
Advisor Satisfaction
Up to 10X+ increased engagement from your contacts
Contact Engagement

Meet the team

The combination of exceptional talent and exciting people creates a competitive but informal environment – and a great platform for you to develop.

Founder, co-CEO
Justin Parker

Responsible for customer and revenue growth as well as other key operational functions within the company.

Founder, co-CEO
Sean Kenalty

Responsible for leading the technology team, products and corporate development.

V.P. Customer Success and Marketing
Steve Vermeiren

Responsible for leading customer strategy and relationships as well as corporate brand and product marketing.

Why ReachStack?


We bring modern technology to wealth management companies so they can execute on proven, relationship-building marketing techniques in the digital age. We reduce friction and the need for time sucking tasks.

Smart by design

Smooth workflows help advisors market their businesses more consistently. Streamlined processes also help corporate marketers regain control, save time, optimize results and allocate their resources better.

Hands-on training & support

ReachStack is more than a platform. We partner with you at every stage to help you customize approvals, setup advisor accounts, and train advisors. Beyond technical support, we help you improve advisor engagement and results.

Save time. Empower advisors. Optimize company-wide results.

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