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Trusted by leading Wealth Management firms to deliver:

  • 42% increase in Client satisfaction & referrals

  • 7X increase in Advisor adoption (vs other tools)

  • 2X increase in Advisor prospecting impact

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What is ReachStack?
ReachStack is an enterprise level Advisor-centric growth platform, purpose built for Wealth Management firms. We combine:
  • Email marketing automation
  • Client intelligence powered by data analytics and AI
  • FINRA compliance management
  • Simple integration with most CRM's and technology providers 
How does ReachStack help my firm grow Revenue?
Wealth Management firms leverage our technology platform to help their Advisors streamline prospecting efforts, enabling them to focus more time closing high-value Revenue opportunities by:
  • Building interest profiles on each of their Clients (exactly what each client is interested in and when)
  • Handling 90% of Client "satisfaction" communications by personalizating and sending information to each of their clients from them, based on what they are interesting in
  • Providing each Advisor with real-time list of their "next-best-revenue" prospects including what products, services and topics they are interested in
How does ReachStack work?

Our most common use case involves Advisors, Central Team and Compliance collaborating to understand, satisfy, and then sell new services to the Client:

  • Central Team:

    • Team analyzes the Client interest data from across the firm

    • Source and schedule automated campaigns to deliver relevant content to each client

    • Content is sent from each Advisors email to their clients (referred to a "on-your-behalf")

  • Compliance

    • Review and approve​ all outbound communications

  • Each Advisor

    • Receives email notification that new content is recommend for some of their clients

    • Quickly reviews, approves or rejects content being sent with 1-click 

    • Receives real-time report showing their top revenue opportunities (who / what)

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Activate your advisors with the next generation of wealth management tools to maximize your client engagement and boost AUM. 


ReachStack is the first fully compliant, centralized client communication and content distribution platform made by advisors for advisors. Our platform utilizes artificial intelligence to mine communications for data and streamline customer engagement to create and control the narrative with clients.

Email is the most Impactful and Data-Rich Channel Between Advisors and Clients


While social media is a terrific branding tool, Email is the single most important marketing & communication channel between Advisors and their clients.


For years, marketers have overlooked email as the most efficient medium to streamline client engagement, collect and analyze client data, and measure and maximize the efficiency of every single interaction with new and existing clients. 


Email has evolved into a unique channel that provides a rich data layer and level of interaction that doesn’t come from anywhere else. 


Our data shows Clients open 85% of emails sent from their advisors. And each message to a client and their response creates a robust trove of data that offers insight into their investment interests, objectives, fears, and more. 


This data link between every advisor and client - helps companies create actionable content and measure the success of every interaction and marketing campaign.


Why ReachStack.


What’s the Best Investment You Can Make for Your Firm & Investment Advisors?


In today’s environment, a firm's success is tied directly to how well their advisors build AUM through the acquisition of new clients. However, they must properly balance their growth with the service and support of existing clients. 


Given the structure of today’s wealth management firms, marketing remains a burden. 


Advisors run their own businesses, and every client wants and needs to hear from them. 


This creates a number of operational and communication challenges for the marketing department. 


Advisors want technology that gives them control of their message, saves time, and expands their profile as a thought leader and knowledgeable manager. The numbers back it up. 


  • 91% of advisors say more client interactions increase retention and growth.

  • 64% of advisors want more help from marketing if they have control of the message.

  • 62% of advisors say an understanding of client interests would be VERY helpful.


The solution to these demands: An automated marketing technology solution that integrates artificial intelligence to study client interests and increase interactions, all while providing advisors with more control of their message. 


Good News: It’s Finally Here.


ReachStack helps wealth management firms support their advisors better with marketing communication and content – enabling them to better connect with customers in their local market. 


Our unique marketing platform provides advisors with greater control of their message, maximizes the performance and operational efficiency of marketing departments, and streamlines the compliance process.


The result is a 1,600% increase in client engagement. 


This increased level of client engagement drives greater advisor loyalty, increases referrals, and helps boost an advisor’s AUM.


While maximizing client engagement, ReachStack also elevates the performance and profile of wealth marketing teams struggling to manage the demands of countless advisors. 


So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about the ReachStack advantage or book your demo to see it in action.

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