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Frequently Asked Questions.

How does artificial intelligence improve client relationships with advisors?


Artificial intelligence provides a personalized approach to the content shared by advisors. AI analyzes the ongoing interactions between clients and advisors. It pinpoints trends and interest and offers a personal, customized approach to content and communication. This identifies client-specific news, thought leadership, and insights and allows advisors and firms to provide these communications to one individual. The result is a more engaged conversation between client and advisor. 


What Value does ReachStack automation provide to advisors and their clients?


ReachStack delivers a 1,600% increase in client engagement through automation of content sharing and direct communications. Increased frequency, efficiency, and response rates promote a healthier, happier relationship and streamlines communications in a more timely manner. 


How does ReachStack automation provide greater control for (advisors, compliance)?


The ReachStack Advantage ensures that compliance can pre-approve and automate content and communications without redundancy or a negative feedback loop. The preapproval process ensures that advisors, compliance, and marketing teams are on the same page and recommended content for clients can automatically dispatch. 


What compliance issues does ReachStack solve for financial institutions?


The ReachStack Advantage includes a built-in workflow that ensures that no communication goes to clients without advisor review and compliance approval. Content sent by marketing and advisors automatically route to compliance and are automatically stored and archived in read-only format as to comply with FINRA and IIROC guidelines. 

What is artificial intelligence?


Artificial intelligence is the cognitive ability of machines to process and analyze large amounts of data. Over time, AI recognizes patterns and builds connections between inputs and actions. The result is the ability to predict outcomes of future events and the ability to use existing knowledge to provide recommendations into a manual or automated process. ReachStack utilizes Artificial Intelligence to dissect existing communications between wealth advisors and their clients on the latter’s risk tolerance, investment interest, and desire for advisor input. The result is a streamlined system of communications that enables the advisor to share personalized insights and market information in a dramatically smaller amount of time compared to traditional communications and research processes. 


What is market automation?


Automation allows companies to automate their promotional, research, and other marketing activities according to a preset number of rules. 


What is data integration?


Data integration is the process of sharing data between various platforms. 


In the case of Reachstack, examples include: 

  • RS pulling content in from Grapevine6 or Contently for Marketers to have easy access to it

  • RS pushing client email activity data into a client profile in Salesforce CRM
  • RS pulling client information from Salesforce CRM to help with targeting or analysis (eg. geography, age…)
  • RS pulling an advisors client list and associated email addresses in from SalesForce CRM


How does ReachStack boost a financial institution's AUM?


ReachStack streamlines the communication channels between advisor and clients. The result is a more engaged, more informed client and the potential for deeper the relationships, enhanced loyalty and greater business value. The ReachStack Advantage includes proven results that show more informed clients who trust their advisors more. This drives greater investment toward the advisor and enhances the numbers of referrals from friends and family. 


In addition, the streamlined communication process reduces the amount of time that advisors need to spend on existing clients. This allows them to pursue new prospects, allocate more time to research and investments, and the ability to engage in more events and activities to promote their business. 


How much does ReachStack cost for one user or enterprise users?


Pricing varies a bit depending on size of an enterprise account (eg # of advisors). Base enterprise packages generally include a Home Office license. For more information, schedule a demo, here.



What services does ReachStack provide?


Reachstack is an email based content distribution platform and service provider. The platform streamlines the process of providing customized insights to individual clients with the unique layer of quickly ensuring approval from marketing and compliance departments. 


Does ReachStack offer services outside of its marketing automation platform?


The company provides client communication activity data collection, storage and analysis


Does ReachStack provide content to financial institutions?


No. Reachstack only operates an intelligence and distribution platform. The company partners with major content providers. It does introductions between a firm and partner if they don’t have one.

What role does ReachStack have in working with content partners & providers?


Reachstack is content provider agnostic. The company can work with any content provider and can quickly, and efficiently automate the content integration flow to make it easier for wealth management firms. ReachStack’s platform can track and provide performance reporting on content by a variety of tags that can be customized by the firm.

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