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Think your wealth management company doesn’t have a marketing problem? Think again.

You probably don’t know which content drives engagement, or which advisors market their businesses effectively.

Everything about wealth management marketing is inconsistent

Advisors use different email marketing tools, leading to data black holes for campaign performance. In other organizations, marketers struggle to send personalized emails on behalf of their advisors. Engagement suffers either way.

Corporate marketers are overwhelmed with support requests

Your team is tired of tracking down content and personalizing it in endless back and forth email threads. Certain advisors will always need hand holding, but others could take charge if they had the tools.

Financial advisors who are unskilled in digital marketing define your process

Some advisors aren’t even doing basic marketing activities to engage their clients and leads. Even though they receive fewer referrals and deals, they drive your corporate marketing workflow.

Content distribution needs a centralized platform, not a long list of tools

When creating, accessing and sending content happen in different places, you lack insight and control. It’s time to centralize content distribution. Use a solution that empowers advisors and makes your job easier. Whether they’re savvy marketers or beginners, a streamlined process is required to help them win in their local market.

  • Give advisors access based on their needs and skill level
  • Measure company-wide engagement
  • Drive better results for individual advisors, regions and content pieces

Keeping in touch is still the best way to drive more new business. ReachStack supports relationship-based marketing. Here’s how:

Content Management

  • Corporate content library for all assets
  • Easy for you to upload and for advisors to download and personalize

Email Marketing

  • Easy to send branded emails with compliant content
  • Tracking and analytics show what clients and leads care about

Event Marketing

  • Capture new leads and establish authority
  • Simple event marketing and registration for local events, with follow up

Built for collaboration between corporate marketers and financial advisors. ReachStack lets you analyze…

Advisor Activity

Find out which advisors and regions are implementing content (and at what frequency), also identify your laggards.

Content Usage

What pieces of content are advisors distributing the most? How about the least? Discover opportunities and issues.

Content Engagement

With all corporate content distributed from one tool, you get engagement data organization wide. Replicate successes.

ReachStack lets you customize…

Advisors’ Responsibilities

Send marketing material yourself for the advisors who need hand holding. Empower the ones who don’t.

Approval Process

Ensure that all content is branded and compliant. Create approval flows for content types, regions and user groups.

Corporate Structure

Group advisors into regions or divisions, so you can measure success and create approval processes by group.

Save time. Empower advisors. Optimize company-wide results.

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