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People buy from people.

Build 1-1 relationships with Customers

and grow your Share of Wallet.

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People buy from people, not a faceless corporation or bank.

Shift interactions FROM "bank" TO  "banker"  and grow your Revenue.

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ReachStack is a digital platform which enables Retail Banks to quickly grow revenue by building direct, impactful and personal 1-1 relationships at scale, between each customer and their personal banker.

We use data analytics, AI & email marketing automation to help your central marketing team efficiently understand each customer's needs, then increase the level of 1-1, personalized interactions between each customer and their banker across your enterprise. 


Results show that building a more active, 1-1 relationship between Customers and personal bankers increase NPS scores by 44%, and Share of Wallet significantly.

 Keys to Revenue growth:

  • Shift relationship from "bank" to personal banker

  • Use technology to understand & satisfy each customer's unique needs & interests

  • Provide each banker with easy action lists to identify and close top prospects faster

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