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How to win AUM in Q3 2020.  

Experts share what's working.

With earnings season underway, financial institutions are coming off one of the most turbulent periods of market volatility and industry change in the history of their organizations. The impact of March 2020 market crash and new economic reality around COVID-19 has heightened need to provide more insight and thought leadership to wealthy clients.


Q3 2020 is an opportunity for Firms & Advisors.


Periods of economic uncertainty are historically beneficial to wealth advisors as prospective clients recognize their personal limitations and seek expert guidance on how to meet their investment objectives. 


Fortunately, new technologies combined with a number of other best practices are allowing savvy marketing experts and advisors to maximize communications to help build their books. 


Ahead of Q3 2020, ReachStack gathered best practices from leading wealth management executives on how to maintain and gain AUM in today's environment. 


Hear what the Experts recommend :

  • Fidelity Investments CMO on how to engage clients in today’s environment. 

  • Commonwealth Financial Network Editorial Director on best content investments

  • CIBC CMO on using automation to help Advisors boost client engagement and AUM 

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