Video: 3 Truths of Modern Client Communication

6oclock news Mar 15 2021

In Episode #2 of our Feedback from the Field series, we share input from Wealth Management leaders on the Client Communication Revolution, and how Advisors need more help to react.

Our CMO Brendan Kenalty shares learnings from conversations with Wealth Management marketing and practice management leaders over last 12 months.

Spoiler Alert : Clients have changed, Advisors need help.

Well the Client Communication Revolution is over and the world of Wealth Management has changed forever. Clients of all ages are being bombarded 24/7 with financial advice from people on Google, Facebook, and Reddit. Advisors need to find new ways to actively participate and add value for clients everyday, or risk losing their hard fought trusted advisor status.

After 5 years of discussions, collaboration and brainstorming with many Wealth Management leaders on how to help Advisors rapidly modernize and make their client communications more competitive, 3 universal truths have become clear.

Truth #1: Your Client’s information expectations have changed forever.

Today’s clients of all ages can’t imagine waiting for the Six O’Clock News to hear what going on in the world, or waiting 6 months to get financial update from their Advisor.

Over the last 10 years new technology has conditioned us to expect constant, proactive & personalized updates delivered right to our phone.

We don’t have to wait or ask. They come all times of the day, based on our personal interests and preferences. The genie is now out of the bottle, and we can’t put it back in.

Truth #2: Advisors are trying to adapt.

Advisors know their clients of all ages are plugged in the the internet, and getting financial advice all day from numerous sources. They realize they have to become more proactive, frequent & insightful with their Client communications, or risk losing their trusted advisor status.

They need to know what clients are thinking about, need, and are interested in, so they can proactively reach out and earn the right to participate in those discussions.

Advisors are trying to adapt, but it’s hard to compete with the automation and personalization engines of Google, Reddit and Robinhood on their own.

Truth #3: Advisors need help to win post-Revolution.

Advisors need help rebuilding their trusted Advisor status by fighting fire with fire, using the same client engagement technology Google does.

They don’t want another “self-help” tool, but instead need a modern service that understands, assembles & sends out exactly what each clients wants, when they want it.

ReachStack to the rescue.

About ReachStack

ReachStack is an enterprise level personalization & automation platform for Client communications. Your Advisors easily deliver 20 personalized interactions a month in <5 minutes a day. Increase Advisor efficiency & Client satisfaction in a single program, by using data analytics, AI & email automation to understand each Client’s interests, then prepare relevant content Advisors can share with 1-click.

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