How does ReachStack compare? We're similar to Snappy Kraken, FMG Suite, Advisorstream, Mail Chimp, but easier and more cost effective.

ReachStack provides unique benefits to Financial Advisors.

ReachStack's Done4U lead nurturing, email communication and data powered marketing automation service delivers more impact and value for financial advisors then options like Snappy Kraken, FMG Suite, AdvisorStream and Mail Chimp.


While all of the platforms provide the core functions to help advisors find and send professionally written, FINRA compliant content to their prospects and clients, ReachStack's focus is on making the process easy, cost effective and impactful.


ReachStack was built to address couple of things we hear from Advisors:

  • Service vs Tools - Advisors want a Done4U communication service instead of another tool
  • Data they can Easily Action - Advisors want more actionable information on prospects back from their marketing activity


The digital marketing adoption data shows that only 20% of Advisors want to use the current suite of do-it-yourself digital marketing tools. The other 80% don't have the time or the interest for a tool, they want the benefits of digital marketing for sure, but from a service that handles all of it for them. ---> ReachStack's unique Done4U approach solves this.


Advisors also complain that they invest in all this marketing activity, but don't get any actionable information back on their prospects. Specifically where are the best revenue opportunties? Who should they invest time connecting with? What product or services should they talk to them about? ---> ReachStack's unique Next-Best Revenue Opportunity reporting solves this.

See how ReachStack compares.

ReachStack SnappyKraken AdvisorStream FMGSuite MailChimp
Nurture Time Required (Weekly) < 1 minute ~1 hour ~1 hour ~1 hour ~1 hour
Nurture Activity Level (Annual) +60 per Contact (Advisor has control) ~12 per contact ~12 per contact ~12 per contact ~12 per contact
Actionable Opportunity Data Next Best Action + Prospect Revenue Hot Lists None None None None
Cost (Monthly) $125 $250 $250 $250 $50 + Content

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