10 PodCast Episodes to Help Advisors

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10 Podcast Episodes to help Advisors Increase Impact of their Client Communications

Updated: Jul 27

Staying up-to-date on the latest trends is both challenging and essential for financial advisors. A growing number of podcasts are targeting advisors and helping them to stay current on a wide range of practice management and advisor-client relationship topics, while learning from the industry’s best.

With so many podcasts to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth your time and attention?

To help, we’ve curated ten of the best podcasts for advisors and selected one episode from each to get started. The selected episodes include discussions of advisor marketing and communication strategy, crafting exceptional client experiences, how to scale your advisory practice to remain competitive in the digital ecosystem, and more. Of course, once you find a podcast you really like, there are many more episodes to choose from.

We hope the selected podcasts and episodes are a helpful resource for navigating rapidly evolving client expectations in the competitive financial services landscape.

If there is a podcast or episode you think should be added to this list, please let us know!

#1) Kitces & Carl: Using A One-Page Financial Plan And Its ‘Technical Appendix’

Hosts: Michael Kitces (@MichaelKitces) and Carl Richards (@behaviorgap)

Tune into this episode to learn more about the key elements of making a one-page financial plan, it’s purpose and why it’s not a replacement for a full financial plan but can be used as a reference point by advisors to help clients with financial decision-making.

Insights are provided by hosts Michael Kitces, financial planner, advisor and respected wealth commententar, and Carl Richards creator of The Sketch Guy column and long-time financial planner.

Listen to this episode here.

#2 Becoming Referrable Podcast: Julie Littlechild and Steve Wershing on Points of Friction

Hosts: Julie Littlechild (@jlittlechild) and Steve Wershing (@swershing)

As an advisor, creating simple, frictionless experiences while highlighting the value that you provide is key to staying competitive in the new normal. Find out how in this Becoming Referrable Podcast hosted by Julie Littlechild, CEO and Founder of Absolute Engagement, and Steven Wershing, advisor marketing expert and President of The Client Driven Practice.

Listen to this episode here.

#3 Top Advisor Marketing: Is Selling Even Necessary Anymore?

Host: Matt Halloran (@matt_topadvisor) and Kirk Lowe (@KirkLowe_)

Yes, people want your services. No, they do not want to be on the other side of a sales process. So how do you promote yourself and demonstrate your value without doing traditional selling? Find out in this insightful podcast episode hosted by respected advisor marketing and podcast experts at ProudMouth, Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe.

Listen to the episode here.

#4 Actionable Intelligence Podcast: Understanding How Stories Drive Financial Behavior

Host: Steve Sanduski (@SteveSanduski)

Guest: Sarah Newcomb (@finance_therapy)

Your client’s life experiences determine how they view their financial situations and future goals. That’s why listening to your client’s money stories is key to understanding their motivations so you can craft services that are valuable to them, according to Ph.D and Behavioral Economist at Morningstar, Sarah Newcomb.

Find out more in this Actionable Intelligence Podcast episode hosted by the respected financial planner and influencer Steve Sanduski.

Listen to this episode here.

#5 Innovating Advice Podcast: Make Each Year of Your Client Experience Better than the Last with Michael Back

Host: Kate Holmes (@Kate_Holmes)

Guest: Michael Back

When it comes to your client’s experience, there should be no end goal. You should be striving to improve it year after year. How exactly do you do that? Find out in this episode with financial services innovation expert and host Kate Holmes in discussion with guest Michael Back, founder of Human to Human in Australia.

Listen to this episode here.

#6 Fintech Impact: Leveraging Networks with Gil Petersil

Host: Jason Pereira (@jasonpereira)

Guest: Gil Petersil

In today’s world, knowing how to network online to find clients and business partners is essential. Find out how in this podcast chat between host Jason Pereira, financial planner and commentator, and Gil Petersil business coach, networking expert and mastermind strategist.

Listen to the episode here.

#7 The Agile Financial Planner: How to Improve Speaking Skills to Communicate With Your Clients, With Tracy Goodwin

Host: Roger Whitney (@Roger_whitney)

Guest: Tracy Goodwin (@TracyAGoodwin)

In this podcast episode host and CEO of Agile Retirement Management talks with his professional audio coach, Tracy Goodwin, on how advisors can improve their speaking skills and become better clients.

“As financial planners, we often have to tell people things they don’t want to hear. It’s easy for our clients to tune us out. If we want to really help our clients we have to find ways to be heard.” – Roger Whitney

Listen to this episode here.

#8 Advisor Talk: Road Warrior – An Unfiltered Financial Services Discussion

Host: Frank LaRosa (@ERCBoss)

In this episode of Advisor Talk, Frank LaRosa, CEO of Elite Consulting Partners shares a real and raw analysis of the current trends and development impacting advisors.

The conversation includes discussion on the 2x greater income potential for independent advisors vs. W-2 advisors, how firms can optimize their business structure, what exactly is going on at Merrill Lynch, and more.

Listen to this episode here.

#9 Modern Financial Advisor Podcast: How to Build a Niche Focused Financial Advisory Business That Scales

Hosts: Mike Langford (@MikeLangford)

Guest: Nick Cantrell

While many advisors and firms still serve a broad demographic of clients, there are a growing number that are serving a niche market. In this episode hear from host Mike Langford in discussion with Nick Cantrell Founder and CEO of Green Future Wealth Management on why focusing on a smaller client segment is a highly effective way to scale your business.

Listen to this episode here.

#10 The Advisor Lab: The Good, The Bad, The Effective: A Financial Advisors Guide to LinkedIn

Host: Seven Group (@sevengroupnyc)

Guest: Diana Angelini

How can advisors network, build your brand and influence using LinkedIn? Find out practical tips and tricks from Diana Angelinim Director of Business Development for Ladder for Advisors.

Listen to this episode here.

BONUS: Wealth Management Today podcast by Craig Iskowitz

Craig Iskowitz is a keen observer of the wealth industry and his podcast features insights from a wide variety of wealthtech providers, as well as his monthly summary of wealthtech news and developments. Highly recommended.

Listen here.

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