Interest based Revenue nurturing for FA’s. Like web retargeting but better.


Retargeting web visitors with ads based on product interest delivers 43% increase in Sales conversion. Retargeting Wealth clients with personalized emails from their Financial Advisor based on product interest, builds demand and grows Revenue.

For anyone in Sales or Marketing, there’s nothing as impactful as knowing exactly who is interested in what product and when, so you can reach out with relevant pitch in real time. This type of approach is already widely used in digital marketing industry. It’s called Remarketing and it’s highly effective driving Sales and Revenue lift.

We enable this approach for Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors, by using automated emails to deliver strategic, interest based communication that builds demand and grows organic Revenue (AUM).

What is Interest based Retargeting?

Retargeting is science of capturing a person’s interests then proactively presenting associated infomation repeatedly overtime, to increase likeliness of purchase.

Technology tracks a person’s digital activity as they travel the internet, apps and social media platforms, capturing their interest in specific products & services. Relevant product ads are then presented to them, with leveraging the increased relevance to re-engage the person, and funnel them back to the vendor to complete the sale.

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Retargeting is widely used because of big impact on Sales & Revenue.

In the digital demand generation business, web retargeting is a core tactic with high impact and ROI. A recent study reinforced this point showing 68% of marketing agencies and 49% of brands now have dedicated budget for retargeting (Source: Chango).

As illustrated in results below, retargeting is popular because it works. By knowing a person’s actual behaviour around doing a google search, visiting a related website or reading an article on associated topic, you have a powerful piece of information about that person’s specific interest. Combining this information with the technology to deliver an associated and relevant ad back to that person as they travel around the web, leads to much higher response and Sales conversion.

  • Retargeting results in:
    • 43% higher Sales conversion rate for website visitors [Source: Criteo]
    • 10x higher Response Rate (CTR) vs. average display ad [Source: Wishpond

Interest based Email Nurturing provides retargeting opportunity for Advisors.

Firms and their Advisors can now get the same retargeting revenue lift as the big brands, by using new technology which combines Client interest tracking, data analysis and automated email communications prepared for them.

Below is an illustration of how the cycle of interest based Advisor-Client email communication works. Starts with using AI and data analysis to identify potential revenue opportunities based on a Client interest in a product or service, then executing a series of automated, strategic educational communications designed to build client’s comfort and appetite for that product or service.

ReachStack Interest retargeting overview

To help illustrate how an interest based nurturing email sequence would work for a client, here is an example.

Example of Reachstack revenue nurture sequence for Cryptocurrency

Do you want to test Advisor Retargeting at your firm? We’re looking for volunteers.

We are a results driven company. We want to illustrate the Revenue lift for an Advisor Email retargeting program, but being relatively new to market we can’t answer that yet, so we’re aggressively running pilots to get the data.

We are currently looking for Wealth firms interested in piloting an Email retargeting program for 10-30 of their Advisors. We provide everything so there is minimal cost or resources required by you. We can also integrate information into your Advisor’s Salesforce or other dashboards.

If interested please contact Neil Kapasi or I for all the details.

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About ReachStack

ReachStack is an intelligent email platform for the Financial Services industry. ReachStack’s data driven, personalized content sharing technology makes it easy for all users across an organization to better understand and action each of their prospects/client’s interests, leading to increased satisfaction, referrals and demand for new services. For more information on ReachStack please visit To understand potential results at your firm please download our FREE business case.

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