Success Story: 7x Advisor Activation Drives Growth

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Success Video : 7X Advisor Activation drives AUM growth

Updated: May 27, 2020

Covid-19 has put Money is in Motion. The result is AUM growth opportunity for firms who scale each Advisor’s activity to engage, reassure & demonstrate value to each of their clients. Leading firms are embracing our new technology to quickly 7X Advisor activity and 16X interactions with their clients.

Advisors who communicate, differentiate and win.

When markets climb, Clients don’t need to hear from their Advisors, but when things go south the top advisors quickly and proactively increase the level of interaction. Clients want to see their Advisor is:

  • Present, engaged and cares
  • Has knowledge, access to experts & commitment to ensure their success

The top 10% of Advisors naturally do this. They use all available 1-1, digital & content sharing tools to quickly scale the number of touches and information shared with clients. They stay top of mind by over-communicating and building a regular presence in their inbox. Clearly demonstrating their knowledge & engagement on daily or weekly basis, not once a year.

Covid-19 has accelerated the need for Corporate Office to help Advisors scale frequency & relevancy of Client communications

The Covid-19 crisis has given Clients the time and reason to evaluate their finances and Advisor. Who is the best choice to guide them for the future? Clients interact with friends & family, and top advisors make sure their content & stories are ones getting passed around, building their personal brands and referrals.

Problem : Firms see this opportunity but have a problem. Even though 91% of Advisors know more client interactions drive AUM growth, 90% of Advisors don’t take advantage of the digital tools provided by their firm to help scale up these Client interactions. They don’t have the time, skills or frankly the interest in spending 5 hours a week in front of the computer trying to figure out Do-it-Yourself tools.

Solution & Result : New managed service for Advisors delivers 7X the participation and 16X the Client interactions across the firm. Home office uses modern technology to do the heavy lifting around planning, creating & providing personalized, data driven communications for each Client from their Advisor, with Advisors getting a simple 1-click approve or edit or content or campaigns before sending.

We look forward to discussing the potential AUM impact this new technology could have on your firm.

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