ReachStack grows AUM through 16X increase in Advisor Client interactions.

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ReachStack helps Finance Advisors grow AUM

Recent feedback from Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers highlighted 3 things :

  • 100% of Clients (and now Regulators) want to see more value for fees
  • 91% of Advisors say increasing # of Client interactions drives AUM growth & retention
  • 64% of Advisors want more help from Marketing to drive these client interactions

We provide a Marketing Content Distribution platform for Wealth Management & Financial Services customers. For 15 years we have been collaborating closely with customers to identify and address these challenges.

ReachStack is the latest evolution of our platform with several NEW features that solve these challenges by delivering 16X increase in high value Client | Advisor interactions, which positively impacts AUM growth & retention.

How does ReachStack help Marketers?

Our Marketing customers have 2 challenges that ReachStack addresses :

  • Help your Advisors grow their businesses : As Marketers we’re under constant pressure to show value to the sales teams. How do programs & campaigns drive business impact”? How do we help Advisors attract & retain new clients? We’re always looking for new ideas or best practices that we can present and test.
  • Increase ROI on Content Marketing Investments : As we scale up investments in terrific content, we have to balance it with new ideas on how to get the content in front of more clients & prospects, to get more reach, impact & ROI.

ReachStack is a new Content Distribution Tool designed to address these 2 challenges.

What does ReachStack do?

ReachStack is a Content Distribution Platform designed to enable a Marketing team to help Advisors easily share high value, relevant content with clients more frequently. By delivering a steady stream of strategic high value information, Advisors are able to increase the number of interactions with clients, accelerate building their trusted advisor relationships and grow their business.

What is unique about ReachStack?

ReachStack was designed as a true partnership between Advisors and Marketing. A process aligned around creating best data driven user experience (UX) for clients, maximizing value to firm, instead of current adversarial relationship around who controls the type an style of what gets sent to clients.

ReachStack uniquely addresses this by creating a WIN : WIN : WIN opportunity for your Marketing Team, Advisors and Clients with clear benefits to all 3 groups :

  • Clients : Get more relevant information & value from their advisor more frequently, helping them feel more comfortable about relationship and value they get for fees.
  • Advisors : Get Marketing team to source & distribute more high value information for their clients, increasing high value interactions and accelerating trusted advisor relationship
  • Marketing : Can leverage their team to drive content creation, distribution & impact, by better leveraging high value content to help Advisors grow their business

ReachStack achieves this collaboration by adding 2 new features into our Content Distribution Platform :

  • Marketing sends On-Behalf of Advisor : Marketing can access central content library, review content performance then easily plan, create & send relevant communications to clients across the enterprise more frequently, addressed from their specific Advisor (vs the brand)
  • Simple 1-Click Advisor SEND STOP EDIT : Advisors are notified via email (in future by app) and must approve ALL communications planned for their clients PRIOR to it being sent out. It is very easy for Advisors to SEND STOP or EDIT each communications with simple 1-click of button. Any edits are routed back through standard compliance process embedded in platform.

How does ReachStack deliver 16X increase in Advisor | Client Interactions?

The ReachStack results come from enabling collaborative Content Marketing & Distribution programs where Marketing is able to drive the planning, execution and optimized performance, but Advisors have 100% control on what goes to clients. This type of approach impacts metrics for 4 core activities which together deliver a minimum 10X increase in # of high value Advisor | Client interactions.

  • Advisor Adoption (7x) = By providing Marketing support with Advisor Approval function, we see dramatic increases level of Advisor participation in content sharing programs (75% vs 10% for DIY Advisor tools).
  • People Reach 5X = By increasing Advisor participation, you significantly increase the size of your audience and people you reach as your content is now shared by more advisors to more clients.
  • Frequency (4X) = Moving from monthly to weekly content (52 vs 12X a year)
  • Content Response (5X) = Emails from an Advisor average 5X the response rates of emails from Brand (75 vs 15% Open Rates, 30 vs 5% Click Through Rates (CTR). People care a lot about their money, so makes sense that when their Advisor sends something of value, they open and read it.

Pilot Opportunity : Try ReachStack for 6 months.

We are recruiting Wealth Management firms to participate in 4 pilot programs in US and Canada to illustrate Proof-Of-Value. These would be 6-12 month stand alone programs, running in parallel with your current program and fully supported by our team.

Full product overview and FAQ’s are available here, or please contact Neil Kapasi with any questions or information requests.

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