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Edward Jones Crisis messaging Apr 17 2020

Edwards Jones Example – Crisis Messaging Best Practice

Updated: May 27, 2020

We wanted to share Edwards Jones notice as terrific example of effective messaging to clients during this Covid19 crisis.

The messaging crafted for their home page notice is bang on the advice & guidance experts like Jim Speros have shared with us. Show you care and reinforce you will be there to help clients get through the current situation.

Edward Jones’ key message :

“We’re here for you – ready to listen, support and navigate this together.”

This is really terrific. In a single line they hit the hot buttons for clients :

  • Connect on personal level
  • Show empathy and that you care about them as people
  • Will help them “navigate” situation

We particularly love the word “navigate”. It just feels comforting and impactful. Acknowledges that none of us are quite sure where things are going, but we’ll figure it out together.

We’d be curious to know how Edward Jones team activated this message in other channels and with Advisors. What other client outreach and support activities are going on to bring it to life? We’ll ask and see if we can get an answer.

Excellent job by our friends Laura Baker and Sarah Hill, leaders on the Canadian Marketing team, and their US colleagues Tim Rea CMO of Edward Jones. Keep up the great work!

On related note…congratulations to Edward Jones Canada for winning the J.D. Powers award for “Ranking Highest in Investor Satisfaction” for 8th Consecutive Year. Wow, great accomplishment!

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