News Release: ReachStack launches AI powered Sales Intelligence for Wealth Management

Press release Reachstack launches AI powered sales intelligence

During Pershing’s INSITE 2023 conference today, ReachStack announced the launch of their latest AUM growth tool, an AI powered Sales Intelligence solution for Wealth Management firms and their Advisors.

By Brendan Kenalty | CMO


Orlando, USA, June 7, 2023 – At today’s Pershing’s INSITE 2023 conference, ReachStack announced the launch of their latest AUM growth tool, an AI powered Advisor Sales Intelligence solution for Wealth Management firms.

ReachStack Sales Intelligence Opportunity Dashboard

ReachStack is an enterprise communication and sales intelligence solution that deliver AUM growth impact by plugging into a firm’s existing CRM, analyzing every contact’s needs and interests, then automatically telling each Advisor who to call and what to discuss with them.

ReachStack Sales Intelligence iProfile

Results show that Wealth Management firms using ReachStack’s solution of proprietary data collection, analysis and Sales Intelligence, realize easier and more efficient AUM growth for every advisor in the firm.

“Advisors are busy, so knowing who is interested in what, and when, is highly actionable information that helps maximize their client service and AUM prospecting effort. Understanding what services or topics each person is interested in, enables proactive outreach and provides great talking points for your next check-in meeting.” ~ Justin Parker, Co-CEO, ReachStack

“Advisors want easy to action information. Our new Opportunity Hot Lists and Contact Interest Profiles make it easy for every Advisor in a firm to increase their prospecting capacity and impact.” ~  Brendan Kenalty, CMO, ITM

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ReachStack provides an enterprise style, data driven, client communication and intelligence platform for Wealth Management firms. A centralized, Done-for-You operational approach allows firms to easily scale out, highly efficient and impactful programs for 3 to 1000 advisors. Designed to deliver immediate impact for customers, ReachStack quickly connects to your existing website, blog and CRM with no IT involvement. For more information on ReachStack products, services and partners please visit

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