3 ways Advisors are using ChatGPT to make Client communication easy and efficient.

Example of how ChatGPT makes communication easy for Financial Advisor

Here are 3 practical examples of how ChatGPT is already making Client communication easier, more efficient and more impactful for Financial Advisors.

Written by Brendan Kenalty | MBA | CMO


As a financial advisor or leader of a wealth management firm, you know the importance of providing personalized service and communication to your clients. However, delivering frequent communication can be a time-consuming task, especially when you have a large client base. ChatGPT is getting lots of attention right now, because it delivers simple new ways for Advisors to increase client satisfaction while saving time and money.

Most Firms and their Advisors know increasing Client communication has a big impact for Advisors. 56% of Clients want more proactive updates, and 74% of Advisors want to satisfy that request as the data clearly shows the positive impact on satisfaction, referrals and reduced volume of inbound calls.

The question has been HOW. How can firms help their advisors easily, efficiently and affordably scale the level of client communication? Well now ChatGPT provides some of the answers.

Below are 3 practical opportunities you can start today.

Advisor opportunity #1 – Use ChatGPT to write personalized Client emails and social media posts.

For Advisors who want to save time writing their own personalized notes and posts, you can simply set up a free ChatGPT account here, then log-in and use the tool to create content for you.

Please note – You don’t have to use the suggested content exactly, you can edit person’s name or any other parts you like, but it gives you an excellent draft to start from which save most people a lot of time.

Here is a quick sample of me asking ChatGPT to “write FINRA compliant 300 word personalized note explaining impact of SVB collapse on other investments as of March 22 2023, from Financial Advisor Bill Smith to their client Susan Jones”

Example of how ChatGPT makes communication easy for Financial Advisor

Advisor opportunity #2 – ChatGPT features within modern Client communication platforms.

For Advisors using client communication solutions such as ReachStack, Snappy Kraken or FMG Suite, many of these platforms have or are integrating a ChatGPT helper tool directly into the platform.

As Advisors or their firms are creating communications in these platforms, they can easily ask ChatGPT to draft suggested email subject lines, notes or posts.

Here’s an example from ReachStack’s Advisor communication solution.

Example of how ChatGPT makes communication easy for Financial Advisor using ReachStack

Advisor opportunity #3 – Your agency using ChatGPT to reduce your Client communication cost.

As Client communication requirements expand for already busy Financial Advisors, many Advisor are outsourcing their client communication needs to the firm’s central marketing team or a 3rd party agency.

In an effort to reduce these outsourcing costs, savvy Advisors are requesting that their central team or agency use ChatGPT to streamline the content production process. Many creative agencies are already experimenting with using ChatGPT in similar way to Advisor use #1 above, by having ChatGPT draft emails and posts, which the agency team can then modify to match each Advisor’s desired unique style and approach before sending out.

Adding efficiency of ChatGPT to the process helps Advisors either reduce costs of their current communication program, or scale up activity at the same investment level.

If you are a Firm interested in outsourcing your Advisor communication here are a few providers we recommend talking to about the ChatGPT efficiency opportunity.

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