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The market crisis has caused tremendous turmoil and stress for Clients, Advisors and their Firms, but also opportunity. With so much money in motion the Advisors who are able to quickly and proactively provide more frequent information, updates and advice to their clients are building loyalty, getting referrals and winning AUM.

Clients want more interactions with their Advisors.

Clients want to hear from their Advisors, and from the thought leaders within their firms who understand what’s happening, and what should they do. Advisors need Home Office to help them respond to these requests by increasing the volume and relevance of high impact content being created & shared with clients.

Home Office has big opportunity to step-up and really help advisors here. Time is the biggest challenge for advisors struggling to manage the influx of client requests. They don’t have time to monkey around with Do-it-Yourself email & social sharing tools. They are open to Home Office providing more support.

ReachStack helps Home Office efficiently increase Client Interactions with all their Advisors.

ReachStack customers were prepared for the crisis in March. These firms already had the ability for Home Office to jump in and help their Advisors scale the frequency & relevancy of communication & content sharing with Clients, delivering immediate business impact & benefit when it was needed most.

One particular customer was very emotional after reviewing the impact their program had delivered in March. They were extremely proud to provide quick & impactful support when their Advisors and firm needed it most.

Example Client communication impact for ReachStack customers (Mar vs Jan 2020) :

  • Email Interactions between Advisors & Clients up 200%
  • Advisor adoption of digital content sharing up 50%
  • # of Campaigns sent from Advisors to their clients up 250%
  • Email open rates over 65%
  • Click through rates over 25%

Our customer’s AUM results are driving expansion.

ReachStack has proven its value to Wealth Management firms during this challenging time. Customers are excited about results over last 3 months when they need them most, and are expanding their programs to include wider application with groups across the enterprise, such as wholesalers and insurance.

Neil and our Business Development team would be glad to walk you through these results in more detail.

Neil Kapasi | Business Development

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