Client Engagement Savings: Give Advisors 5 Hours per Week

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Client Engagement Savings : Give Advisors 5 hrs a week

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Covid-19 has put a lot of Money in Motion. Help your Advisors free up the time to take advantage of this opportunity to build new relationships, showcase their knowledge and win new clients.

Give your advisors +200 hrs a year for Client acquistion

The market turmoil is eating up your all of your Advisors time, spending all day reassuring & retaining current clients.

What if Home Office could save EVERY one of your Advisors 60-90 min a day (+200 hrs a year), by using modern technology to efficiently manage 3 core Client retention communications for them :

  1. Thinking of you (quick note to see how they are, let them know Advisor thinking of them and here if any questions)
  2. Illustrate Expertise & Knowledge (Expert opinions & updates, what’s going on, what do the experts think will happen next)
  3. Reassure & Stay in Market (Commentary on opportunities in market, benefits to staying invested for long term)

By enabling your Home Office centralize all the heavy lifting type work planning & creating personalized communications for each Advisor in your enterprise, Advisor just have to do 1-click approval, freeing up 5-8 hrs a week for each advisor to grow their businesses.

Saving 200 hrs a year per advisor is effectively growing your sales force by 10%, that’s a big impact in this vital period!

Your competitors are doing this now. Contact us and we’ll show you how.

We look forward to discussing the potential AUM impact this new technology could have on your firm.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, questions or suggestions around this article.

Justin Parker | co-CEO

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